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About LED illuminated house number signs
Give your home or business the ultimate in luxury with a bespoke LED lit sign. The Plastic Republic team are experts in LED illumination, with over 10 years’ experience in creating some of the most iconic sign designs.
Our current range of Led lit signs includes the fabulously elegant Sirius, which is a range of beautifully crafted signs with bright LED light contained within the seamless high gloss acrylic plaque, Aspire, which spreads an even illumination across a thick, luxurious light refracting acrylic, and our very special ranges of LED illuminated signs using beautiful Italian matt acrylic with backlit cut out letters and numbers. Any of these signs will give your home or business the wow factor while also ensuring that it is noticed at all times - a must for any business. we also offer extremely well-constructed individual cut numbers that are LED edge lit and look spectacular
All of our LED products can be controlled using our digital controllers. This means that they can have manysequences of being on /off, ensuring that the sign is not lit in the middle of the day or night when you dont want it to be, utilise Dusk -Dawn sensors and even go into flashing mode if you need to grab attention.
As experts in the field, you can be assured that your LED illuminated sign will be made to perfection. Our team consists of qualified electrical engineers, who understand fully the necessary safety aspects in creating an illuminated sign, while our design team are experts in creating beautifully made plaques that look amazing when lit or unlit.
We recognise that our LED lit signs are an investment and we are happy to talk you through the process and help with your design should you need it. We offer true value for money with the price reflecting the quality of the materials used (branded acrylic / high impact LED lights) and the craftsmanship that goes into each and every one of the signs.
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LED lit sign requirements
Initially your new house sign should be aesthetically pleasing, but with electrics involved you need to be aware of the safety features of an LED sign.
IP ratings: your outdoor LED lit sign should be IP65 or higher. This ensures that the device is protected if it rains. The unit should be well sealed, ideally in a casing. All of our LED products are sealed and safe.
Power: We offer a choice of an indoor (or weatherproof socket) version complete with a very neat driver and 5M of cable (the cable length can be extended if necessary) or, where appropriate a mains version to install into existing fittings. As experts in LED products we understand and have sourced the very best power adaptors and LED drivers to suit individual products.
The LED lights: Most people are aware that LED lights can last for over 10 years with continual 24hr use and they are very inexpensive to run. However, not all LED lights are the same, and it takes an expert to be able to source and work with lights that are very bright but maintain the low wattage required to keep them economical. The Plastic Republic team have that expertise required and have chosen lights that will deliver on all aspects and keep their longevity.
Whats in the box?
All of our LED lit signs come with everything you need to fit them.
All electrical work must tbe carried out by a QUALITFIED ELECTRICIAN
The box contains the sign, the appropriate wall fixings including wall plugs and screws, the cable and the power /driver. We supply a template and full instructions. If you have purchased a dusk till dawn sensor it will be there too.

Some Intersting Facts About LED Lights
LED stands for Light-Emmitting Diode, a type of solid state lighting that uses a semiconductor to convert electricity into light..
They are extremely efficient and can cut energy usage by up to 80 per cent
LED bulbs don’t suddenly turn off like other light bulbs; they gradually fade over time…. a very long time as they can last over 10 years even when used 24 hours.
LED’s were invented in 1962 but have only become very popular over the last 10 years or so, when there have been brighter, more energy efficient options, a wider choice of colour and they have become cheaper
They have also become a lot smaller, meaning their use in signage is much more widespread
Light from LED’s is instant – unlike low energy incandescent lamps, which can take long time to reach full brightness
LED lights don’t give off much heat, which makes them ideal for environments like aquariums where the temperature has to be regulated, and also enclosed spaces such as LED lit signage
They are great for fridges because as well as not giving off any heat, they also have anti-bacterial properties
Moths don’t like them
LED bulbs don’t contain any mercury, so are safer than incandescent lights. They are also 95% recyclable
LED headlights render colours you see in the beam much better, so are safer than standard bulbs
LED light is directional – no wasted light where you don’t want it
And finally… they don’t break!

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