Sienna House Number Sign
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Sienna house plaque Black T7
Sienna Black T7 Aluminium cut numbers by Plastic Republic
/Sienna Green T1 Aluminium cut numbers by Plastic Republic
Sienna Silver T3 Aluminium cut numbers by Plastic Republic
Sienna Burgundy T8 Aluminium cut numbers by Plastic Republic
Sienna Dark Blue T2 Aluminium cut numbers by Plastic Republic
Sienna Black T5 Aluminium cut numbers by Plastic Republic
More Space
Exudes Quality

With the fixings positioned at the bottom of the Sienna house sign, you have more space to show off. Give your design a clean frame of colour and it will make all the right impressions.

The clear space between the plates provides depth and reflections that add to the Sienna's overall modern look.

More design tools are available for the Sienna to allow you more creativity when positioning content and with the wealth of colours and fonts to choose from you have everything you need to make a truly unique and modern sign for your home.

Sienna house plaque Side View
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L:200mm x H:200mm

Eight shapes all with clean lines and smooth contours
Offset positions
Use the space to position your content for a more unique and individual sign that stands apart from the crowd. Serif type fonts and plenty of solid background colour offer a modern look while more traditional fonts, centred with a matching design shape, provide a classic appearance with a modern twist.
Need inspiration? Try One-Click, it's our quick and easy design set-up tool. It's as simple as clicking on an image or design you like and entering your house number. Visit the Go Design page to get started.
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sienna house sign colour
Stylish house number signs.
Make a difference to your home with a super - stylish house number sign from Plastic Republic
When you spend so long creating the perfect interior for your home, you should be able to express yourself on the exterior too. We offer designer house signs in many shapes, fonts and colours that give you the ability to use your flair to create a house sign that reflects your style perfectly. Take a look at our ranges to find a unique house plaque and personalize it to make it your own.
How we make your Sienna house sign
Your chosen design is precision laser cut from quality branded acrylic and the edges further flame polished by hand for a beautifully smooth feel to each edge.
Your design is then accurately recreated and cut from the finest quality vinyl, ensuring durability and colour vibrancy. This is carefully bonded to the reverse of your sign's front plate which offers not only protection but a gloss and lustre that only comes from optically perfect crystal clear acrylic. Your finished sign is inspected, cleaned and safely packaged for our ultimate goal of providing you with a quality product that we took pride in making.

Clear 5mm Plexiglas acrylic front plate, 3mm Plexiglas acrylic back plate. UV stable.
Stand-off Fixings
13mm x 13mm chrome stand-off supports. 4mm wall spacers.
Hole Size
Drill hole diameter of 5mm, 5.5mm or 6mm is suitable for supplied fixings.
Width 200mm x Height 200mm.
8 design shapes available.
Package Contents
1x designed front plate, 1x coloured back plate, 2x screws, 2x wall plugs, 2x wall spacers, 2x stand-off supports, 1x drill template and instructions.

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