The art of designing letters
the style and appearance of printed matter.
the art or procedure of arranging type or processing data and printing from it.
The word typography comes from ancient Greek and has evolved over time to describe type setters and type designers. Type setting was until very recently a skilled trade; think Fleet Street for example, but now we are all type setters, putting letters and words together on our computers and creating pages that look great.
So when you design your house sign in Go Design you are officially a type setter!
Interesting...but why is it important?
Why it's important is because of the individual cut house numbers we offer on our site. Here it is the realm of type designers, or font creators that comes into play.
Fonts are carefully crafted so that when they are read they look right, but because of the style the characters may be different sizes to achieve that look.
For example Century Gothic. If you type 123456, it all looks the same size but in fact the characters with curved tops or bottoms are larger. The curves of the 2,3,5,6 are higher or lower when compared to the 1. The 4 is smaller in size to the 1. It is difficult to see that on a standard size 12pt, but enlarge it up to 600pt size and you can see the difference clearly.
So if you order numbers 124 in 150mm Century Gothic, only your 1 will be 150mm – the 2 will be slightly larger, the 4 slightly smaller. Not just with Century Gothic; a lot of fonts have similar discrepancies.
But when you put the numbers together they look right despite the discrepancy, or more because of it. The designer knew what they were doing, so when your numbers arrive slightly different in size, don’t worry, they will look perfect on your wall when you use the templates.

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