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Our most frequently asked questions are listed here for you but if you have any other questions please contact us at sales@designmyhousenumber.co.uk
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Q: How long will it take to receive my item?
A: Processing time for the products is up to 10 working days (Mon - Fri excluding Bank Holidays) unless otherwise stated. We then use Royal Mail first class post (1 - 2 working days) or next day delivery courier services. Overseas delivery will take longer depending on the destination but typically 5 working days.
Q: Can I fast track an order?
A: It depends on the size of the order and the product type, but with an additional payment it is usually possible to fast track an item to a two day processing time. Contact us prior to ordering if this is required.
Q: Is the image I see and design on-screen an exact representation of the product I will receive?
A: Due to the variations of computer and tablets screens colours may not be exactly as you see them. There should not be a dramatic difference but some colours may look brighter or darker on your device.
Q: Are all products manufactured in-house?
A: Yes, as skilled sign makers the Plastic Republic team design and manufacture all the products from scratch. The creative team have been making signage for many years and are able to produce innovative signage using high quality materials and state of the art machinery.
Q: Do I get all the fixings required to install my product?
A: Yes, all items come with the relevant fixings including rawl plugs and screws as well as wall spacers for the signs to protect the backplates and a template with full instructions.
Q: If I order a size in the cut numbers, will all the numbers be exactly that size?
A: No, very often there is a discrepancy in the sizes, depending on the font chosen. Please refer to our Typography page for more information.
Q: Will the fixings on the back of cut numbers be visible if the font is thin?
A: No, the numbers are contoured to make them wide enough to take the fixings and we only use fonts that are suitable.The design page shows exactly what the number will look like.
Q: What materials are used?
A: Please refer to our Materials page for a comprehensive guide to the materials used.
Q: Is there a guarantee with the products?
A: Yes, there is a one year manufacturers guarantee with all products. Please retain your invoice to quote your PR Ref No number in all correspondence. Repair / replacement is the only remedy.
Q: I want to make a large order for business, can I do that?
A: Yes, please contact us to arrange quantity discount prices.
Care and Maintenance
Q: How do I keep my product looking as good as new?
A: Please refer to the Care and Maintenance page for information for each type of product
LED products
Q: Do you provide everything I need to install the LED signs?
A: Yes, the signs come with all the power requirements as well as fixings. You don't need to purchase anything extra.
Q: What is the IP rating of the LED signs? Are they safe to use both indoors and outdoors?
A: The signs are rated IP65, which means they are safe to use inside and outside. They can withstand water being sprayed directly from a nozzle, so even heavy rain will not affect it. The signs are made from UV stable acrylic and are safe whatever the weather.
Q: How much does it cost to run the LED sign?
A:The power consumption of an LED sign is 0.5 watt so to compare against a 60watt light bulb the sign can run for 120 hours for the equivalent of one hour of a 60 watt light bulb. How much it costs each year is dependent on your tariff but it is very little indeed.
Q: Do the LED signs come with a dusk till dawn sensor?
A: No, the low cost of the LED signs means it is possible to leave them on permanently or the low voltage plug in version can be used with a standard light timer.
Q: Can I have the Aspire sign with text on it?
A: No, due to its size, the Aspire sign is for numbers only.
Postage and Packing
Q: How much is postage?
A: Please refer to our Delivery page for current prices for UK, EU and ROW.
Q: Are the items securely packaged?
A: Yes. We manufacture our own secure bespoke cardboard packing to ensure every item is tightly packed to alleviate any transit damage.
Using the DMHN site - One-Click / design codes
Q: What is One-Click?
A: One-Click is the easy way to replicate a design that you really like. Look at the One-Click gallery on each design page or in the gallery and simply click on a photo or image that you like and it will automatically load for you with the same colours, fonts and layout. You simply change the content to your own. You can also change colours etc. if you want to make any changes.
Q: My design code is locked and I can't buy my sign
A: Make a note of your design code. Go to the design page for your product and click on the Save & Restore button. Enter your design code (the first letter is always a capital) then add a capital C to the end of it, so design code A1155383 becomes A1155383C then click Restore. This will create a copy of your design that is unlocked to purchase.
Q: Can you help me design my sign?
A: Yes, make a note of your design code and ring us or email us with the code and a telephone number and we will contact you. Having your code means that we can see exactly what you have created and we can talk you through changes or do it for you.
Q: Will I receive exactly what I see on screen?
A: We replicate you sign exactly how you design it. There may be variants in colour due to different screen brightness or resolution but it should not be a big difference. Use the grid system to position your text and the system uses the same grid to replicate it.
Payment methods
Q: I've gone through checkout but now my card / PayPal account wont work!
A: We use WorlPay and PayPal to accept your card details. We never see your card details at all and we are unable to help with card / account problems. You will need to speak to your card issuer or PayPal to resolve the problem. One thing that may help is to close your browser and restart the transaction. (You will need to make a copy of your design code as it will be locked - see the FAQ about using the site for instructions to create a copy). This can help if any original problem has been cached by your computer.
Problems - Damaged items / returns
Q: Can I return my sign if I don't like it?
A: All signs are replicated exactly as they are designed and bespoke products cannot be returned or refunded. We are able to create a new front plate or back plate for you at a cost. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information.
Q: Can I return my cut numbers if I change my mind or want to change the size?
A: As the numbers are made to order we do not accept returns as standard, however we will exchnage sizes and in some circumstances we may refund them, We have very specific ways to pack them and you will need the instructions plus an RMA before returning them. see our Returns page for full instructions.
Q: Do I need anything before sending an item back?
A: Yes, you must contact us prior to sending any item back and you must have an RMA. Any item returned without contact will be rejected. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for more information.
Q: My order has been damaged in transit
A: We will replace or repair any item that is damaged. We may need photographic evidence or require the product to be sent back but we will make sure you have the order that you have paid for.
Q: I haven't received my order
A: Your order can take up to 9 working days to arrive with you (UK) 12 working days for ROW. If it hasn't arrived in that time please contact us. If it is lost in the post we need to allow 5 working days for it to turn up before we will remake the order. We do not offer a refund if the item is lost. We are not responsible for items sent to an incorrect address.

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