A guide to selecting colours for your house sign
Designing your house sign should be an easy experience and we’ve made it as simple as possible with Go Design. However we know that by offering so much choice we may have left some customers in a quandary about the selections.
Remember that your door sign is the welcome to your home for visitors so it should reflect your own style.
With a huge range of colours to choose from it may not be easy to work out exactly which to go for. To make life a little easier for you we have created One-Click designs that use a variety of colours that you may like to use or give you some inspiration.
The general rule is to use colours that contrast sharply. These colour options will stand out from a distance and look timelessly elegant.
Black text with silver back
Black text with white back or vice versa
Powder blue with dark blue back
Pale grey text on charcoal back
However rules are there to be broken and colours that you would not expect to work actually look great when created. These similar colours are very modern and suite some homes very well.
Silver text with pale grey back
Silver text with white back or vice versa
Gloss black text with matt black back (Sorrento)
Gloss white text with matt white acrylic (Sorrento)
You can use your imagination though to come up with some very different looks. The beauty of our design page is that you can keep trying different styles and colours and see instantly what it looks like. The vibrant bright colours look great with a white background: very cool and crisp. Statement colours such as burgundy / purple / bronze / red are best used for the text colour, as they may be a bit overpowering when used as a backplate. You can always use a colour to draw a line on the sign or in the case of the Cayman use a different colour for the fixing plate to make a statement.

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