Care & Maintenance
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All of our products have the protective films removed so that we can inspect them and clean them prior to despatch.Your product should arrive with you in perfect condition and not require any immediate cleaning.
Clear / Coloured Acrylic & Acrylic / Aluminium / Chrome Cut Numbers
NEVER use everyday cleaning fluids that may contain alcohol or ammonia as this will damage the product. Use a very damp cloth or paper towel with plenty of water to wipe the product clean. If there are any stubborn marks use a very mild detergent solution such as washing up liquid or an anti static spray to remove it.
Never try to clean acrylic when it is dry as it will create scratches on the surface.
Polish with a very soft lint free cloth, a peach skin car polisher is best. Circular motions ensure a complete coverage and an even finish.
If your acrylic gets scratched we have a kit available to remove most scratches
Matt Acrylic
Clean the matt black or white acrylic with water only - do not use any polishes or sprays with this product. Dry with a very soft lint free or peach skin cloth. The Sorrento has cur numbers as well so clean them as per the instructions above.

Care & Maintenance

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